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    Season of Love Collection

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    Pamper yourself or that special person in your life to a luxurious experience at home with our Season of Love products and bundles.

    Our magical bath tea, Iris Passion was curated to provide you a magical experience while leaving your skin moisturized and smelling good even hours after getting out the bath. This tea will transform your bath water into a multitude of different shades of reds, purples, and blues.


    Then, after your skin is softened, exfoliate with our Aphrodite's Desires Brown Sugar Scrub, with the crushed rose and hibiscus petals, evening primrose and jojoba oils, and the scent of pomegranate and apples, you will feel like the Goddess of Love herself.


    Follow it up with our emulsified body butter, Cocoa Breeze, that is so light that it practically feels like mousse, but don't let that fool you, your skin will feel amazing due to not only the addition of cocoa butter, Shea, and Monoi de is also packed with oils such as Chia Seed and Meadowfoam, giving your skin a beautiful glow.

    Then after you have pampered yourself from the outside, it is time to treat yourself by tucking into a hot cup of our Venusian Rose Tea, a.k.a. our Elixir of Love, combining the flavors of strawberry, chocolate, rose, hibiscus, maca, damiana, ginger, and butterfly pea flower, you will feel incredibly relaxed and ready to turn in for the night.


    Iris Passion Bath Tea: Luxurious Soak with Mediterranean Sea Salt & Rose Petals


    Venusian Rose Tea - Divine Romance & Wellness Herbal Blend for Sensitive Souls


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