The Creator Behind Luneria Cosmetics


Shayla, black woman, in a golden yellow dress with a flower crown

Luneria Cosmetics was created for people like me, people who have dry skin and/or other skin related issues and they are tired of going to the store and seeing that the amount of skincare products for them are non-existent or all that's left is unscented lotions or creams. Let's be honest absolutely no one wants to smell like unscented anything. That's why I created products to fill that void, products that smell amazing as well as help your skin FEEL amazing. As someone who has suffered from eczema for years, I know what it feels like to feel utterly ashamed of your skin and trying to resist the urge to cover up, the loss of your self-confidence, along with the loss of your identity. I want to help you get all of that back. I want you to be free in your skin!
I want people to remember their own worth and not the worth society has placed on them.
We are more than what society says we are. 
I truly appreciate the support that is given to me and continue to be given to me. Thank you and remember to find something to smile and laugh about everyday because life is too short to live it bitter.
Peace and Happiness,
Shayla C