The Creator Behind Luneria Cosmetics


Shayla, black woman, in a golden yellow dress with a flower crown


I started my journey into making natural products while I was in the Air Force stationed in Portugal. I was going through a rough patch and it was suggested I do something constructive so I decided to create beauty products due to the fact I have suffered from eczema and dry skin all of my life. I found that not only did I fall in love with the process but I also fell in love with seeing everyone's reaction to what I created.


Luneria Cosmetics was created to provide quality skincare products to people like me that suffer from eczema and dry skin. We have such a huge community but we are often forgotten in the beauty industry, so I set out to create what I wanted to see in stores. I wanted us to be able to feel and smell good which in turn will make us feel confident in our skin. My goal was to create skincare products that helped alleviate the symptoms of eczema and dry skin AND helped alleviate the RESULT of it, such as scarring but not only do I want to help people love their skin, I want to also promote self-love, care, and spiritual healing, which is hugely affected by any skin issues we have.

I want people to remember their own worth and not the worth society has placed on them. We are more than what society says we are. 

I truly appreciate the support that is given to me and continue to be given to me. Thank you and remember to find something to smile and laugh about everyday because it is definitely way too short to live life bitter.

Peace and Happiness,

Shayla C 

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