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Luneria Experiences Bundle Sets make it easy for you to have a complete experience without trying to figure out what goes together or not. These sets were formulated to provide you the best experiences for whatever mood you need. These would also be the perfect gift to give a loved one for any occasion.

The Awakening is perfect for someone just getting started on her skincare journey or just want to try every line in the store (We don't judge.

Self-Love is great for when you just want to give a little love to that special person or to yourself. We all need some sweetness in our lives.

Elevation is just that, a bundle to help you start the day, uplift your mood, and help you feel like you can rise to any occasion.

Empowerment is when you know you are strong and amazing and you want products that can fit the mood. 

Reflection is great when you need some me time, some time to calm the racing thoughts in your head. Think of it as like that mental chocolate break away from reality.

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